Manufacturing Aluminium kitchen utensils

Aakash Industry manufacturing aluminium kitchen utensils of highest quality. Our cookware pots and pans are available in various size and shapes. Our products include products such as Aluminium Topes, Aluminium karahi, Aluminium Drum and Aluminium Saucepan.

Why Prefer Aluminium Cookwares?

They are light weight strong, resistant to corrosion , are ideal for food and beverage packing and can be recycled economically. They have become the second most wisely used metal, next to steel. The world most plentiful metal Aluminium has been part of our environment since the beginning of time.

Aluminium utensils becoming more popular

They are excellent heat conductors. Heat spreads quickly and evenly across the bottom, up the sides and across the cover to completely surround the food. The Specfic heat of aluminium is twice that of steel, 2.5 times that of Copper. This saves fuel while cooking and cooks faster and evenly.

Why Choose Us?


Aakash products are durable and reliable aluminium utensils fits in as a perfect cooking utensils choice for my kitchen.

Mohd. Tariq

I am very happy after using aakash products because of their quality and reliablity.

Raza Pasha